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If you are looking for an active and useful sport for your child, my courses for children are a great option.


Classes will help your child develop physically, mentally and emotionally, helping children develop flexibility, strength, coordination and endurance. Improve your posture. Raise self-esteem. Develop talents.


Mental development

Helps children develop concentration, discipline, self-confidence and a sense of beauty.


Social development

My courses help children learn to work in a team, communicate with other children and overcome difficulties.

Cultural development

I introduce children to classical music, ballet choreography and the history of ballet, the history of circus, cinema and theater, sports and other areas. I am developing my musical taste.

Professional training

Artistic gymnastics, Acrobatics and Equilibrium .

Focus on stretching, muscle development, coordination. Working with objects.

Also for those who want to achieve maximum results in a short period of time .

Professional level.

80€ per month / 1 lesson per week

140   € per month / 2 lessons per week

165 / 3 lesson a in Week

70€ individual lesson

up to 3 people studio


from 50€ at home




Gymnastics for girls

Girls from 3,5 years old are invited to gymnastics and acrobatics courses

Gymnastics, Stretching, Motor skills, Coordination, Strengthening muscles, Correcting posture, Working with objects - hoop, ball, jump rope, ribbons.



60€ per month / 1 lesson per week
100 € per month / 2 lessons per week


Create a professional contortion act. This includes developing tricks, advice on purchasing props, creating a unique image and style, and selecting music, costumes, and makeup.

The price is negotiated individually with parents and depends on the amount of work to be done with the child.




Contortion in a group

80€ per month / 1 lesson per week
140 € per month / 2 lessons per week

70€ individual lesson

up to 3 people studio


from 50€ at home

Aerial gymnastics

Staging a professional aerial gymnastics routine. Includes in
myself; development of tricks, advice on buying props, creating a unique image and style, costume ideas, selection of music and makeup.

Sundays at 11:45

Course cost 90 € per month / 4 lessons of 1.5 hours


❄️ Possibility of training as Frozen Elsa ❄️

60€ per group


First portfolio

Includes makeup, selection of clothes, photo shoot, choice of poses, photo processing, working with Photoshop.

Ot 250€ 

Professional video of the circus act

Professional studio and lighting. Video idea development. Video editing and editing, makeup, entry into an artistic database

From 350€  


In Berlin, finding a professional gymnastics coach for children is not easy. There are many schools and clubs, but not all of them offer quality services. Classes with non-professionals can be very dangerous for children's health. Unqualified trainers may use incorrect exercise technique, which can lead to injury. In addition, non-professionals cannot motivate children to practice and help them achieve high results.


Advantages of the Russian Sports School; The Russian school of gymnastics, circus and sports is one of the strongest in the world. Russian athletes have repeatedly won gold medals at the Olympic Games, World and European Championships, and the Russian circus is considered one of the best.


Also, classes with an active gymnast and multifaceted artist increase the chances of progress in children.

Even if your child does not become a professional gymnast, he will forever have good posture, grace, muscle structure, flexibility and self-confidence.

Do not skimp on the quality of education, because the health and future of your child depends on it.

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